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Outsourcing My Social Media Management Services

  • 5 years ago

Is there any wisdom in outsourcing my social media management services?

social media planningOver the years, social media has so grown in popularity that even big organizations have taken advantage of it in keeping their customers engaged. However, managing an active social media account is never an easy task because it requires high level of dedication. Considering the fact that not everyone has the flair for checking Facebook messages and updates all the time, most companies are left with no choice but to seek help.

Though costing money, outsourcing your social media is often a better choice. If for one thing, outsourcing your social media management affords you more time to focus on things that really matter. It also saves you money and time which would have gone into experimenting to find a winning strategy. Don’t get it twisted; managing a personal Facebook or Twitter profile isn’t the same thing as managing a brand’s profile.

However, the choice to outsource your social media management is dependent on a lot of factors. If your sales leads come mostly from social media, then it is important to dedicate time in managing your brand’s social media profile.

How important is social media to businesses?

If you aren’t still convinced about the power of social media, have a look at the following benefits social media has to offer:

  • Boosts a brand’s exposure
  • Brings in targeted traffic
  • Serves as a platform through which businesses communicate with their customers
  • Excellent platform for publishing content
  • Helps businesses understand their audience
  • Effective for brand building campaign

You will have to manage your social media account professionally to reap all these benefits. Customers will become more responsive when you become consistent with publishing insightful content on your social media pages.

Now that I have known the importance of Social media, do I still need the services of a social media management company?

social marketing team“Professional” is definitely not the same thing as “Casual”. It is easy to publish some funny posts which may get a handful of likes on Facebook. However, using the same tactics when managing a personal account for a business account will ruin things.

What followers expect of a personal media account is definitely not what they expect of a brand’s social media account. Ignoring questions and comments made by people sends the wrong signal, making them believe you don’t have their interest at heart. Being too casual or using words that pass as “unprofessional” would make people disdain your brand. Being inconsistent with publishing your content makes them believe you aren’t serious minded.

The higher you climb the success ladder with your brand, the more scrutiny you will receive from people. Basically, you have two options:

  • Forget about social media all together
  • Maintain high standards if you are serious about it

Opting for the second option saddles you with a big responsibility – one that will take a good chunk of your time. Managing a business social media account requires some skills of some sort – you wouldn’t want to publish posts when they are least likely to be read.

You would become strategic when you work with social media management services.

Having a professional manage your social media account gives your brand a professional look. Reason – professionals understand what it takes to craft contents that attract huge likes and shares. They know how to create posts that pull traffic; they know the right words to use to make your brand look professional.

social media marketingStill not convinced? A social media management company will help increase your brand’s engagement with online audience. You can also depend on their expertise when making key decisions regarding advertising, engagement and promotions.

If you sell breakfast and remote bed for instance, traffic to your site would surge when you post a video of a mountain hiker. To spice things up, you can consider including hiking tips, backpacking tips and whatever you consider as being useful. Most importantly, listen to what your people have got to say.

When done rightly, social media management will help brands interact with their audience in an effective manner.

If you can’t outsource, hire a pro to get the job done.

social marketing teamThere is no doubt that outsourcing social media management won’t fit the needs of your organization. If this happens to be your case, hire capable hands to man the wheel. You can either hire a marketing employee whose sole duty is to manage your brand’s social media account, or have the responsibility shared amongst your employees.  Whatever be the case, ensure your social media account is professionally managed.

If you have decided to outsource your social media management, then consider working with Social Marketing. At a fee fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee, Social Marketing will professionally manage your social media account, pulling the much needed traffic your business needs to succeed.

Contact us today and we will take it up from there.