Claiming your Business Name on Instagram

  • 5 years ago

3 Simple Tactics to Claiming your Business Name on Instagram

Maintaining your account name across all social media channels, including Instagram is very important. Doing so makes it possible for your audience to easily identify your brand online. To enjoy the benefits of having a consistent name across all social media channels, it is very important get a well-chosen Instagram name that matches your business.

  1. First ensure that your desired name hasn’t been taken

Every passing day, individuals and businesses create Instagram accounts in thousands. What this means is that there is every possibility that your desired Instagram name has been taken up already. To begin with, create a list of all possible business names you would like to use on Instagram. After that, check through Instagram to know if your desired business name is available. If available, quickly create an account with the name before someone else does.

But that doesn’t mean the world has ended if your name has been taken. See if you can contact the owner of the account and ask if you can pay for the account. Being nice and polite increases the chances of your request being considered. There are people whose business is creating thousands of Instagram accounts, later to sell to companies. There is every possibility you would run into them when creating an Instagram account for your company. If someone has created an account with the name you intend using, contact Instagram to claim the account if it has been inactive.

  1. Make your Instagram name unique

Instagram names with a touch of originality often sell more than the others without. It is important to choose a unique Instagram name, as doing so lessens the chances of users mistaking you for another similar account. Have in mind that your Instagram name will be shared through all your social media profiles. Imagine the frustration of discovering that there are lots of Facebook pages with similar Instagram names as yours.

If you are serious about standing out in your niche, avoid imitating someone else’s Instagram name. Choosing an original brand name saves you lots of troubles. But you must be willing to make some slight changes because you would like to maintain a consistent name across all social media channels. The name you choose for your Instagram account must have smacking similarity with that of Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  1. Spread out words about your chosen Instagram name

Social media users do not limit themselves to one social media platform. They subscribe to as many as possible. Take some time to find them; share your Instagram name with them.

Whenever you publish a post on Instagram, do the same on your company’s Facebook page. Doing so attracts social media users outside Instagram, prompting your Facebook followers to subscribe to your Instagram page. Things will be a lot easier if the name you use on Instagram is the same as that you use on Facebook. To make it easy for people to find you on Instagram, tag your Instagram name on every picture and post you publish on Facebook.

Twitter happens to be the best place to lay claims on your chosen Instagram name. Reason –Twitter is very dynamic, making it easier for social media users to quickly connect to brands and people in the search for new and fresh content. Spamming people with the goal of acquainting them with your Instagram name is definitely a bad idea. Simply making mention of your Instagram name in your social media profiles bios, will do.

You can also take things a little further by making effective use of your website. One way of doing this is to include links to your Instagram account in the footer area of your website. Also, you can add a banner to your website which will include links to your social media profile, including Instagram.

So there you have it, 3 simple ways of claiming your Instagram name. If you need help regarding this, feel free to contact us at Social Marketing.