Expert Tips for Creating Killer Facebook Ads

  • 5 years ago

5 Expert Tips for Creating Killer Facebook Ads for your Business

facebookFacebook is without doubt the biggest social media network. It allows users create and update their profiles, send messages and photos, update their status and lots more. Facebook has an option which allows users to share their thoughts with friends and followers in hopes of getting as much likes as possible.

While some manage to get a handful of likes, some others pull thousands of likes and shares – something almost magical. If your Facebook posts have been struggling to get likes, your troubles are over. In this post, you will get to learn the secret behind crafting Facebook posts that pull huge likes.

  1. The Shorter the better

With attention span of internet users decreasing by the hour due to increasing news feeds, it is becoming difficult to get Facebook users be engaged with long posts. Short posts of 40 characters or less are attention grabbers. Of course, writing short posts is never an easy task, but it isn’t like you have much of a choice. It has been proven that short posts have an engagement of 86%, while that of long posts are nowhere near. Keeping your posts short and sweet will sure attract huge likes, shares and comments. Pay close attention to the first three to four words of your posts because Facebook users pay more attention to them. Tools such as CoShedule Headliner Analyzer are great to have for effective headlines and posts.

  1. Timing matters a lot

Proper timing shouldn’t be ignored when publishing posts on Facebook. Wrong timing can cause your posts to be swallowed up by other people’s posts competing for likes and shares. Timely posting is to some extent dependent on your location. However, publishing posts during weekends, off peak hours and noon time during week days increases its chances of getting more likes. You might have to experiment a little. Your goal is to find time when competition will be less, thus increasing the chances of your posts being seen.

  1. Add a link

Posts with links are more likely to be read than those without. The smartest way to use links is to pop a question and then ask people to follow a link to find answers. But your question has to be engaging and thought provoking. Words like “should”, “which”, “would” “who” etc. should be added to give your questions weight. Facebook has been programmed to automatically pull out the information contained in the link you include in your status, placing it in a link format. Such posts can easily pull the meta tags from a web page. It is important you pay attention to the comments contained in your link.

  1. Make good use of Images and videos

Videos and pictures attract more attention than ordinary texts, hence engages Facebook users the more. Before creating posts out of images or videos, first review your goals and audience as doing so will help you determine which medium works best for your business. Posts with images or videos or even a link to one engages more than text-based posts. The image or video you use should pass positive message to your Facebook friends and followers. Spice things up by requesting they caption your published image on their Facebook feed.

  1. Offer them something of good value

People get motivated by posts offering coupons and discounts –offering them one increases their response. Nothing catches the fancy of people than the chance to save money. If you run a store (online or offline), keywords like “free shipping”, “flash sale” shouldn’t be missing from your post. You can take things a little further by offering freebies and contests. Most importantly, the products you sell should be one that catches the interest of your followers.


Crafting Facebook posts that attract lots of likes isn’t a hard task. It all boils down to using the right tactics, regardless of the nature of your business. Feel free to tweak and experiment until you find something that works for you. Don’t forget to check out posts by others especially those that attract huge likes. A well-crafted Facebook posts spices up a Facebook page, attracting people that really care about your business. Putting all you have learnt here will definitely help you craft winning Facebook posts. We will be glad to help if you are having issues crafting a good Facebook post. Contact Social Marketing today, and we will take it up from there.

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