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Our Sole Mission at Social Marketing Is To Help Small Business Achieve Success

It sure does feel great to have you on Social Marketing. Have the following questions ever crossed your mind:

  • social marketing campaignWhat actions should I take to build up customer base for my business/brand?
  • What do I have to do to get it right with Facebook and Social Media marketing?
  • But I am a newbie to social media marketing – how do I even get started?
  • How do I buildup my online presence to make it easy for customers to find me?
  • I can’t afford to work with social media firms – what should I do?

If you run a small business and have been trying hard to find answers to the above questions, good news; your questions are about to be answered.

Aren’t you angry with this?

social media methodsMillions of people spend a good deal of their time on Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis.

Come to think of it, this is actually a gold mine. Offer them a solution, and they will stay awake all night. Help them solve a problem and they will give you access into their lives and that of their loved ones.

Hey! Not so fast. There lies a problem here.

Of what use will it be if your potential customers can’t find you on Facebook and Twitter. How are they supposed to do business with you when they can’t find you on their social media handles?

Worry no more because we are here to help.

What we do at Social Marketing to help attract more customers and fans

Your success matters a lot to us.

social media expertRunning a business is very demanding – so many things are trying to get your attention, and attending to them all is never an easy task – we understand that.

Is social media right for me?

If you are serious about increasing sales, making the profits and scaling up, then building a strong online business is a must. This is what social media marketing is all about. But how are you even going to make out time for social media considering that there is still so much to be done?

This is where delegation becomes handy. Let’s face it; you will never be able to do everything yourself. But we got you covered. We will assign you a social media manager. Our services are:

  • Time-Friendly

Lose money and you will get it back – lose time and it is gone forever. We know how well you value time and so we wouldn’t waste it. A social media manager whom we will assign to you will be responsible for publishing posts on Twitter and Facebook. He or she will do so everyday all through the year. That is 365 contents published a year on your social media handles.

  • Affordable

Our monthly fee is very affordable and flexible. We wouldn’t want you to embark on a campaign that will break your budget. No hidden fees, no increase in price. It’s a promise.

  • Ideal for all small businesses

Social marketing was born out of our passion for small businesses. This is why we have never for one day stopped thinking of how to improve our services. We want to help you overcome marketing problems that sink most other small businesses.

Our Drive and Motivation

social media planningBet you’ve found yourself in a situation where you know your business needs social media marketing but you are totally clueless on how to go about it. It sure does feel frustrating and discouraging. Hiring a big marketing agency will definitely do your business no good. Their jumbo fee is enough to completely wreck you financially. Or maybe you have tried so hard but social media marketing isn’t just working for you – maybe forgetting about it will be the best thing to do.

Not to worry, Social Marketing is here to help. Social Marketing was born out of our desire to provide small business owners effective social media marketing at fractions of fees charged by big marketing firms. We strive to do this without compromising the quality of our service. Our marketing system was designed after months of brainstorming, strategizing, planning and calculations. We wanted to create something so effective and so affordable. Social Marketing is here to help your business succeed. We will be there for you all the way.

Start your journey to business success now

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